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Salvimar Next Camu Complete 5.5 mm

Salvimar Next Camu Complete 5.5 mm Man: Two pieces wet suit, neoprene open cell inside with ela..

KD115.00 Ex Tax: KD115.00

Torelli black 3.5 mm

he new Torelli Black 3.5mm wetsuit is manufactured to the highest standard and has all the features ..

KD105.00 Ex Tax: KD105.00

ATHENA - Jacket

Beuchat Athena Wetsuit - JacketBeuchat, the inventor of the isothermal wetsuit and of the first ladi..

KD53.00 Ex Tax: KD53.00

ATHENA - Jacket - Long John

Open cell interior for maximum warmthCut designed for womenCutaway long john with Velcro fastening o..

KD96.00 Ex Tax: KD96.00

ATHENA - Long John with PreCut System

Beuchat Athena  Wetsuit - Long John with PreCut SystemBeuchat, the inventor of the isothermal w..

KD43.00 Ex Tax: KD43.00

CRAWL C200  Man

Crawl C200Beuchat Crawl C200 is designed for triathletes and outdoor swimmers in search of an effici..

KD100.00 Ex Tax: KD100.00

CRAWL C500 Man

Crawl C500Beuchat Crawl C500 is designed to meet both triathletes and outdoor swimmers expectations ..

KD164.00 Ex Tax: KD164.00

CRAWL C800 Man

Crawl C800Beuchat Crawl C800 is specifically designed for triathlon without compromising between per..

KD280.00 Ex Tax: KD280.00

ESPADON ELITE - Waist cut -Open cell inside

Beuchat Espadon Elite Wetsuit - Waist CutDesigned for expert spearfishers wanting a sleek, efficient..

KD60.00 Ex Tax: KD60.00

ESPADON ELITE - Jacket 7 mm + Waist cut 7 mm

TypeTwo-piece suit for intensive free diving and spearfishingTop with hood ( 7 ) 7mm waist-cut ..

KD137.00 Ex Tax: KD137.00

ESPADON ELITE - Open cell inside, smooth skin outside

Beuchat Espadon Elite Wetsuit - JacketDesigned for expert spearfishers wanting a sleek, efficient su..

KD70.00 Ex Tax: KD70.00


Beuchat Espadon Equipe Wetsuit - Jacket Features:Type: WetsuitTo use: Warm water(3mm), Cold wat..

KD45.00 Ex Tax: KD45.00

ESPADON EQUIPE - Jacket 3 mm + Waist cut 3 mm

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Features:New Beuchat designHigh quality preformed anatomical cutSoft n..

KD81.00 Ex Tax: KD81.00

ESPADON EQUIPE - Jacket - Long John

Features:New Beuchat designHigh quality preformed anatomical cutSoft neopreneOpen cell interior for ..

KD87.00 Ex Tax: KD87.00


Beuchat Espadon Equipe Wetsuit - Pro Long John Features:Type: WetsuitTo use: Warm water(3mm), C..

KD42.00 Ex Tax: KD42.00