Freediving and Spearfishing

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masks with gopro mount

Item Type:EyewearSport Type:SwimFrame Color:MultiLens Width:xLens Height:xModel Number:ZH757301@@@Co..

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Salvimar Next Camu Complete 5.5 mm

Salvimar Next Camu Complete 5.5 mm Man: Two pieces wet suit, neoprene open cell inside with ela..

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Torelli black 3.5 mm

he new Torelli Black 3.5mm wetsuit is manufactured to the highest standard and has all the features ..

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7Kg Harness

Harness 7kg with plastic buckle..

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Free diving mask with non reflective coating lenses. Leads to increase contrast, enhances clarity an..

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- Blade is made of high quality mixture of epoxy resin and fiberglass.- Blade color - black.- Blade ..

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Curved tube snorkel and silicon mouthpiece with side channelsSimple and effective attachment system..

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Curved tube snorkel moulded in very flexible material allowing it to be the folded away in the ..

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ARGO board

Improve safety: Bright red colour, red and white safety fl ag, allows the spearfi sher to rest up be..

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25mm aluminium barrelArka pistol grip with line releaseClosed muzzle6mm stainless steel Tahitian sha..

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ATHENA - Jacket

Beuchat Athena Wetsuit - JacketBeuchat, the inventor of the isothermal wetsuit and of the first ladi..

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ATHENA - Jacket - Long John

Open cell interior for maximum warmthCut designed for womenCutaway long john with Velcro fastening o..

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ATHENA - Long John with PreCut System

Beuchat Athena  Wetsuit - Long John with PreCut SystemBeuchat, the inventor of the isothermal w..

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Azure Ambush speargun handmade

Handmade (Greece)Free:  Spool - String - 2 skewer -   GoPro stand - installed wi..

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Beuchat Lynx - Silicone Mask

Beuchat Lynx - Silicone MaskBeuchat Lynx the ideal mask for freediving. The Beuchat Lynx is designed..

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