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Galahad 59/1 Spinning Model micro jig

Galahad 59/1 Spinning ModelFor anglers who wish to target small blue runners, sea bream or rock fis..

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JIGGIN ROD Ripple FIsher E-majing

 F-Stick JiggingLine MaxComfort LureActionRod WeightE-majing50 lb200gReguler250g..

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Jigging Master Ocean Devil rods 60B/S XUL

NEW Jigging Master Ocean Devil rods 60B/S XULJig 60~150g PE 0.8~2.5 Maximum Power 60 degrees 15kg / ..

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ROD No. length Grip  Length line j..

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JIGGING ROD Galahad 587S Spinning Model

 Spinning & Overhead ModelThe most powerful rod in this series. It can work jigs up to 250g..

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JIGGING ROD Galahad 595S Spinning Model

Spinning & Overhead ModelWe made this as a standard model to fight medium to large size blue run..

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MICRO JIG ROD Sasame F-S01 Curiomax Light Game Rod 1.82m

The new spinning rod Curiomax made for not only light jigging fishing but also for all kinds of fres..

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Micro Jigg Rod SLJ-S62M

SLJ-S62MROD No.lengthGrip Lengthlinejig wtweightMAX LOADSLJ- S62M6'2 "580mmPE ~ 2 No...

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Micro Jigg Rod HSJ-S62L

HSJ-S62L Was realized the stickiness of wondershyper full solid carbon adoption oflight jigging..

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OCEAN DEVIL (UL)Length: 5'3"Recommended Jig Weight: 100 grams - 220 gramsRecommended PE Line: PE 1.5..

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SeaWalk Microjigging SWM-65L

We developed this rod for jigs around 28gm to target bottom dwelling fish and blue runners. The hig..

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SeaWalk Microjigging SWM-65ML

 SeaWalk Microjigging SWM-65ML t is a light rod for agilely maneuvering your metal jigs ..

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slow Jigg Rod MTGS-636B

MTGS-636BThis model is made the same concept as the MTGS-596B, and this is for the anglers who need ..

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Slow Jigg Rod Mytho Plus 62S

Mytho Plus 62SSpinning Models: Temple Reef Mytho PLUS Jiggers are sensitive, responsive and ul..

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